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Sanii Shares The Sad Story About His Mother’s Death And How He Sold Scrap Metals To Afford First Recording Fee

Today after Sabbath we had a Good time with Sanii who is Undoubtedly One Of Kenya’s Finest Artistes, he shared everything about his life since 1993 to 2019.

Read and please don’t shed tears 😭.

I’m Isaiah Saning’o (born 20 June 1993 is a NAROK Majengo Based artists) Better Known as Sanii. Born and Raised by single Mother, never knew my Dad. Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to stay longer with our mother she passed on the year 2006 while I was still in class 6 and we were forced me and my two brothers to go and start living with my grandmother. But God decided that isn’t enough He took her away from us 2015.

I started doing music back in highschool form 3, I used to record with tape recorders that time they were called “walk man”, I sold scrap metals to afford one of them, for the love of music You know. I managed to record a song with money I got from a movie show I used to work there while at school just put something on the table.

After high school 2012 we didn’t have enough money for me to go to college, so I continued working in a movie show until my grandma got a bursary and I managed to go to college in NAIROBI August 2013, to take diploma in mass communication and journalism. And that’s when I decided to venture Into music and fulfill my dreams of being the best artist in NAROK but there was no cash to do all that. Also no job for that because I was new in NAIROBI and I was expected to take my education seriously.

Around august 2015 I managed to get someone who helped me record my first single NANYORAI which paved way for me I got recognition from big radio and tv shows including KTN, Citizen (Mseto EA), KUtv, Tripple p, just to mention a few.

After NANYORAI I went missing for a while I started facing some difficulties in my studies, my sponsors cut off paying school fees, my rents were due because my grandma was sick I stopped focusing on music. I started facing Mr life. Things were tough due to my grandma situation I was even forced to drop out of school go home stay there for a while, unfortunately my grandma didn’t make it, as it was God’s plan.

November 2017 I managed to release audio NOMA SANA after being away for long but it didn’t do well maybe because it didn’t have a video but am working on it.
December 21st 2018 I managed to release a new song featured by a Zambia Afrobeat artist named HAGGSPARK, We teamed up to create a good wedding song which I believe is a good song Currently doing well in all social media platforms and media too did a lot of interviews.




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