He rose from a young naive university student and has now taken over Kampala. Oscar kampala is his brand name, born Oscar Nyesige . When Kampala’s suite design industry needed a trendsetter there we got him . Oscar was just another humble citizen with just but a bag of dreams, little was he aware of Kampala’s call to become the city’s fashion cop. Fast forward to 2021 and through his brand, Oscar Kampala is renowned as the official bespoke suit plug of Kampala. One genius superstar in the making he is . Being an established fashion icon at 22 os truly an achievement to celebrate.His star illuminates Kampala and spreads across Uganda and some parts of East Africa. His name is one you cannot leave out in the list of Uganda’s youngest and most competent.

He was named amongst the most influential youths of 2020 by the New Vision, the leading Newspaper in Uganda and also clinched a nomination in the African youth Awards in Nigeria, what an amazing experience for the young Ugandan. Mention A-list celebrity clients and we’ll start with Eddy Kenzo, Star Boy Terry (Nigerian musical artiste) Offer (Ghanaian music artiste) all the way to international global acts like American rapper Jidenna.

In his own words when reached out to, Oscar narrates that his journey started in high school, form 3 at Kisubi Mapeera Secondary School,He recalls designing a suit for one of the Form 4’s planning Prom that year. As soon as he tried it on, most of the boys wanted whatever Oscar was selling.
“Back then, I did it for passion. It wasn’t about money at all. I was simply happy to see my ideas come to life. As a designer, to sketch and watch an idea spring to life is very fulfilling. As long as I got money to buy fabrics, the sewing was a joyful process,” Oscar recounts.
From then onwards, he became a plug for prom suits. Word went around the nearby schools and he started getting bigger orders from other students.

He add;
“I was of course researching a lot. I knew the trends. I knew what the market wanted. But I also always had my own touch to the trends. I believed that suits should be tailored differently on every person’s body, in as much as the styles are the same. I gave everyone an individual look and planned for all my clients the same way,” Oscar explains further
Secondary school saw him become a jack of all trades juggling between business and school. After finishing high school, Oscar realized he no longer had the cushion of his parent’s home and therefore needed to change the model.

“I thank my father very much. He has been supportive. Through this journey, I knew I could count on him for advice and encouragement. But at campus, things had to change. I needed money. I also had dreams of starting a big shop. So I used the money I had saved for all those years and bought my very first expensive fabrics. I couldn’t afford a bigger space. But later, some orders from high school followed me to campus, and I managed to open a shop. I have never looked back.

Lets say Covid19 came in so hard and tough on Oscar Kampala but it didn’t shut his dreams down.The visionary and hardworking fashion icon is a go getter who stops at nothing but success despite what it takes.
“I didn’t stop creating and researching. I challenged myself to do more in the time when business was down. Because my goal isn’t what happens today, but what happens in the future,” explains Oscar.
Oscar’s envisions a future where Africa has a unique style of suits that are synonymous with the different cultural ensembles.
“I want to grow from Uganda, to serving the whole of Africa with my suits. I dream of an Africa that’s dapper, but also true to itself. An Africa where countries are identical because of the identity of their suits as created by Oscar Kampala. That is where we are going as a brand. I am blessed to be walking this journey with the right team,” explained Oscar Kampala.
Most definitely the world is staring at its next big deal in the fashion and textile industry because Oscar Kampala is never relenting.We can only wish him well and spread our arms to dress into his awesome fabrics .


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