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Meet Nigeria’s ‘Stacy Egbo’ Pulpit Princess With A Craving For Kenya

Popularly known for her solo tune “Imela” is none other that Nigeria’s Stacy Egbo. The Redeemed Christian Church of God Preacher and motivational speaker, rose to popularity in 2017 through her North American ministerial headquarter. Stacy has her eyes on Kenya as far as Nigerian music and preachings are concern.

Stacy Egbo began her Christian ministry at the age of 7 and has since then never looked back, ending up with a multinational ministry we are witnessing today.

Her greatest desire is to spread the word of God around the globe with Kenya being at the top of her priority list.

After blessing souls with her four amazing albums ,she is currently laying a cornerstone for her two more projects ‘Life Love’ and ‘Amazing Grace’

Having conducted many workshops and ministerial events globally ,Stacy Egbo has over the years been a successful transformational speaker and trainer through her ministry.

She recently graced Reverend Kathy Kiuna’s Woman Without Limits show, and is currently devoted to the release of her book titled ‘Winning Thoughts’ despite Covid-19 hindering many plans. According to the preacher, the book will be available in several book outlets worldwide.

The Princess, daughter of a Nigerian King grew up in a poligamous family set up with three other mothers and 22 siblings. Stacy Egbo is a mother of five and been in Kenya countless times ministering the Word of God.

“Im the daughter of a King , but I’d rather be a princess of the most high God. My father has four wives and 23 children that I know of, but there could be more. Growing up in such a big family is what shaped me as I sought to find my purpose. I couldn’t wallow in self-pity as we were many children and getting attention was not easy,” she said.

During a past interview with Rev. Kathy Kiuna, Stacy Egbo revealed that her culture empowers the boychild more. It was not until she gave birth to baby boy that her in-laws accepted her .

The qualified trained nurse has had the opportunity to visit many countries on medical missions under the inspirational quote ”

“God wants you to give whatever you have; be it time, money or even a smile.”


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