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Congo War Refugee Rapper DK Balafu Narrates His Tearful Rise To Stardom

When perseverence met persistence, born was a sheer hard working hustler who rose from Congo’s Uvira war zone.Hiphop head Iddi Asumani Famously Dk Balafu had to cross boaders in order to get to school in countries such as Tanzania, Burundi, and later taking over a decade in Malawi until he finished his high school.

His dancing interest grew into skills which saw him raise a four man crew at age 15 hustling on income generating choreography. He would sooner than later quit dancing and chose to go the hip hop movement direction.It is through his participation in many hip-hop competitions that he crafted a name for himself . A brand so to say.

DK Balafu’s energy on stage and appealing stage prensence put him ahead of the rest, besides his lyrics so easy to relate with. He had already migrated from Congo and had to sought new fans which was not a walk in the park. Skills and sheer hard work played a huge role with his economic situation being the backbone of his quest for greatness. Today he boast of being one of the most sought performers having gotten experience from bigger A-list names he shared stage with.

From ‘Warrior’ to ‘Love Love’, ‘Ghetto’ and ‘Mr. Hunter’, 2017 is the year he decided to unleash the star in him with these infamous singles. Soon afterwards international festivals and conferences started thirsting for his art among them Fest Africa Festival in Tampere, Valkea show, Afro Finn Achievement award festival just to mention a few.

He is putting a lot of effort at this moment to actualise his dream of sitting on the same table with the best African rap acts and if possible topping the list all despite his refugee status.

“So difficult was life in the refugee camp not to mention major shortcomings and crisis such as malnutrition illnesses , however all this doubled up my focus and determination. Music was the weapon I had as far as saving my skin is concern ,” says Dk Balafu.

Balafu continues to say, “May 27th 2015 I secured this golden chance to board a plane to Finland and since then I have never looked back even for a minute. It is all I would ever wished for.”

‘Brutal Ambition’ are the right words to describe his musical journey.Be it managing to escape war in Congo at age 13 or starting a dance crew to catapult his music career . Balafu is actually an ambitious rapper.

Balafu is a versatile rapper always trying his best to experiment with different genres unlike many other rappers who are drowning in monotony day by day . His latest cover of “Jeje” by Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania got him on another level never to look back again.

He has continuously pushed things beyond boundaries and tested many Waters in an attempt to speak about his story and the underlying factors affecting his current status ,in a bid to reach his ultimate goal.

The latest single Mafuta has been well received in that the Finlad based rapper Dk Balafu has gone ahead to follow it up with another huge solo ‘Boda’ also produced by hip hop guru, M-Double . Courtesy of dark edgy production from M-Double, Balafu is yet to unearth some great craft with his silky smooth delivery, and crowns himself a major player on Finland’s incredible and excitingly rising hip hop society.


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