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American Raised Kenyan Producer Using Music To Change The Face Of Society Back At Home

Born Charles Kibira and would later turn to “African Supaman”, this singer/songwriter, music producer and music engineer from Nanyuki Kenya leaves nothing to chance.

He dwells with Genge music with a Pop, Rock and Hip Hop Twist composition. African Supaman was born in Nanyuki but raised in America, where he learnt and acquired the relevant skills in
Dj-ing, music production and performance experience. While still in high school, he was already equiped with a set of turntables and speakers which he used to Dj at sweet sixteen parties.

He would gradually gain popularity amongst his peers and schoolmates
and thus took advantage of it positively ending up with a long jam of jobs every weekend in
his 11th and 12th grade.

He would later begin producing music in his bedroom making mixtapes for basketball teams during home games.

Soon after completing school, he felt there was a mission to be accomplished back at home and Africa being an inspiration to many; and since this continent being the origin of all music genres, he knew that he can uplift the face of the Genge music by creating and curving it to aid many of Kenya’s
challenges and problems.

African Supaman has discovered the art of blending his western influence and Kenyan roots to create a magnificent sound rich in rhythmic heartening lyrics and at the back of his mind he has the Kenyan culture and heritage at heart.

Besides making his own music, his dream is to get to tap talent especially from among the Kenyan youth; And through his label “African Supaman Records” he has been able to nurture various artistes and live instrument players in his Nanyuki home town.

His efforts to uplift talents at home therefore earned him recognition and the name “African Supaman”. He has been crafting and developing his singing talent too, plus producing and
engineering skills for 7 years now.

Currently African Supaman has finalized his second album; Equator Sounds which features 10 local youth recording artistes from Nanyuki. Amongst them; 5 ladies and 5 gentlemen.

He boasts of working on a third album (My Own Producer).
My Own Producer is inspired by the realities of having full musical independence with the
ability to be able to be an own producer which has seen him create new dimensional music that
would take years to build with another producer.

It’s a reassurance of his skills and abilities to be the best artist coming out of Kenya right now. A dream he is really persuing.
Also a brand ambassador to Sang’ida Foundation from which 50% of the profit of one of his albums goes to.

Sang’ida foundation is based in Nanyuki, Kenya. Activities of the Foundation include nurse, home and
rehabilitate children with Autism, disabilities and special needs, and their mothers.

Watch African Supaman African Supaman Official Video here


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