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Ondi Set To Launch Her Debut EP “Tangawizi”

Nairobi-based singer, song-writer Ondi set to launch her debut Extended Playlist titled “Tangawizi” on July 5th at Lava Latte on State House Road, from 6pm.
Tangawizi, described as Nairobi folk, is a six track EP, taking a journey from the uncertainty of loss, to the beauty of self-discovery. The entire record was written and performed by me in Uganda at East Africa Records and has been distributed on major platforms by The Orchard.

I am a 26 year old teacher, mother, artist, lawyer, and an independent artist. A year ago I sought to share my music and managed to do so by raising funds and finding opportunities to make the EP through social media and crowd-funding sites. The entire experience, which I will share at the launch through music, images, videos and stories, has been an interesting and heart warming experience. Tangawizi proves that musicians don’t necessarily need a label or a huge amount of money to make an EP, to share stories, to reach the world; just a great community of music lovers and lots of love.

The launch will feature Etta Madete (her twin sister) on the violin, George Wekesa on the Cajon and Ondi on vocals, ukulele and guitar. There will also be an installation of images and videos created through collaborations with different artists showcasing the journey and creations that made and continue to make Tangawizi.

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Debut EP Tangawizi: https://orcd.co/gw8bo4m


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