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Klin K Proves you don’t need A Huge budget to come up with a Great Video

Based on a true story, Let You Go oscillates between disconsolate ballads of loss, infused with so much depth and emotion. From the opening piano chord to the song title, the Rapper re-invents himself with heartfelt lyrics accompanied by strikingly & provocatively experimental visuals reminiscent of old school movie films.

It’s a clear shift from typical & most local music videos, which is intentional on the part of the artist, in attempt to draw focus on the lyricism, the candidness behind every line the song exudes & his creative process which if anything this song has firmly highlighted. The video draws inspiration from the past VHS video era, a perfect fit for a song about a past relationship & struggling with moving on from the love of his life.

“I felt like everyone is doing 4K videos nowadays, which is good because it signifies growth in the industry but I don’t want to be ‘everybody.’ I want my creative space to be as permissive as possible.

This is me at my most vulnerable. I virtually let every word bleed on this song. It’s about a very personal story and I wanted everything in the video to show me at my most natural state. I wanted to make a timeless masterpiece to immortalize the one person who actually made me feel human again. I didn’t know I could hurt emotionally on such a level. ”


“I was preparing for a studio session for a song that’s gonna be on my debut album then lights went off and I snug into the couch and started going through my instagram. (laughs) Out of curiousity I start going through my ex-girlfriend’s page and I don’t know what happened next because I got very emotional. I couldn’t even record the song I’d planned to because it was an energetic track and am right there feeling like someone just put a ton of weights on my shoulders. We had to postpone the initial recording. I sat down and wrote Let You Go right there and then. My producer is very understanding and also very supportive. We had been to studio with the girl in question before & he knew her. I told him about our split & he imposed on me to say what I would want to say to her on record. He let me dip into my creative juices to come up with the song. He even set up a camera to capture the moment, which I later used for the actual music video. It’s a moment I relish now because I feel like most people can relate to heartbreak and not wanting to but having to let go off special people in our lives.”



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