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Narphy is a Kenyan music girl-group based in Nairobi, Kenya. Their music is fused with afro-pop, RnB, Dancehall etcetera, to create diverse sounds. The group consists of Narvel who is an extremely talented rapper and Phyllis, the vocalist & talented song bird. The group is a totally new face of the afro-pop music in East Africa. That being said, it’s clear that Narphy is about to get the streets popping.

The two met late 2015 then decided to form a band; they have been working together as live performers in events & Curtain raising for well known artists and big brands that are already established as they build up their brand.
Don’t touch’ being their very first single in 2018 that was officially released on the 5TH of May 2018, It’s a clear indication that Narphy are definitely to be watched out for in the music industry. They are disciplined in what they do and have put in much effort and time and neither have they compromised on quality. They definitely have set standards high for the artistes that aspire to join the game.

Narphy have a promising future with this kind of start. Their first single ‘Don’t Touch’ has been well received and they will definitely maintain the standard they have stormed the industry with. Narphy is about to be a national anthem and they are definitely going places.

Audio+Video |Narphy – Don’t Touch


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